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MAC Cosmetics
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MAC Cosmetics
We're slowly working on this section as things come up. So please check back for updates on rules of the community. :) Be sure to read all the way to the bottom before clicking the "Join" link, as it is a two-step process.

Community Rules:

1. Membership is moderated. The requirements are (1)Your LJ account must be active for at least 2 weeks. (2)There must be at least 1 entry with comments enabled. If you are not approved the first time, please try again later. If you were denied even though your LJ qualifies, there is a reason behind it. We do notice things in other communities, and will not tolerate any shady business.

2. Please be courteous and treat others with respect. No rude posts or comments are allowed. No drama. No personal attacks.

Please TAG all entries with the appropriate tags. This way people who want to look at FOTDs and not sales/iso posts can easily find them without having to scroll through numerous other posts.

The basic ones should be as followed:

MAC (this can be used for questions/general MAC talk.)
FOTD (used for FOTDS, EOTD, FOTN, etc.)
ISO (If you're looking to buy something, this will make it easier for people who are looking to sell something to find people who want to buy.)
SWAP(If you're looking to swap something, this will make it easier for people who want to swap as well to find you!)
SALE (If people are looking to buy MAC, this will make it easier for them to find sales!)
HAULS (Everyone loves looking HAUL posts, this will make it easier for people to find your HAUL post and drool over what you bought.)
OT (Beauty Related OFF TOPIC only)
Antiquitease(or other collection names, etc.)

Also, please do not deliberately change the view of your post to public, we would like to keep all entries as friends only.

4. Sale/Swap/ISO Posts:
Can only be posted on Fridays and ONLY have MAC products included in the post.
We feel that since most people get paid on Fridays that this would be the good day to post sales. One day of sales is better than 7 days of sales to weed through. We're only doing this because MOST Members are here to TALK MAC, show their FOTDs, ask questions, not to ALWAYS BUY MAC.

If any of the mods see a sales post that is posted on any other day other than FRIDAY, it will be deleted. This includes sneaking in mentions of your sale in your journal or another community when posting an FOTD or other general post. The post will be deleted without notice, and you will be removed from the community until you re-read the rules and reapply for membership.

Feedback links MUST be posted in your post. Please do not state "PM me for feedback info". If you can tell people who message you, why not just post it and save yourself the hassle of answering multiple PMs?

Cross-posting sales is not allowed! If you have posted a sale in another community within the past calendar week, feel free to post a link to it (on Friday only!), but do not post the same sale in multiple communities, with comments enabled in all of them. This is to prevent items being sold more than once, and confusion/hurt feelings over who claimed an item first. If you are concerned that interested buyers here may not have posting access to another community where your sale is posted, then we suggest that you post all sales in your personal journals and post links to that, rather than posting the sale in a community itself. That will also cut down on the likelihood that a mod will go crazy and delete it for no reason and ban you and leave your buyers wondering if they've been swaplifted.

ISO/Swap posts: A mod will make an official ISO post on Mondays and Wednesdays. All ISO requests must be posted in the comments to that post. Any other posts will be deleted without notice.

5. Put all large pictures, multiple images, and long posts behind a lj-cut tag. Instructions for how to do an lj-cut can be found HERE. A large picture is anything bigger than 350 pixels on any side. Do not disable comments on any posts.

6. As per LJ rules, posting someone else's personal info on this community is not allowed. Posting feedback about another person is also not allowed on this community, however, a link to a feedback site etc. is allowed.

7. Please try not to post more than 3 times a day, or make back to back posts within a few minutes apart. If you have more than one thing to ask/say/show/etc., please try to do it all in less than 3 posts a day. If you make a post and remember something else you wanted to say, do not make another post following it. Edit your original post and add the new info. If you do not follow this rule, you may have your posting access removed for a couple of days.

To show that you have read all of these rules, please comment with the phrase "MAC is crack!" in this post after you have made your request to join the community. Membership will not be approved unless this has been done.

And don't forget to join our sister community, morethanmac!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for other/new rules please feel free to email them here: lovemac.lj@gmail.com.

Thanks! :)

Community Mailing List

Join our mailing list to receive community news, information on contests, etc.
Please see this post to join our mailing list.

Thank you to those who donated money to the community. Without you this contest would not be possible. :)
If you would like to donate money to make future contests possible, or if you would like to donate mac pigment samples or products, please check out this post.


Total Donations so far: $15.19

If you would like to donate to the community so that we can have contests with MAC PRIZES, here is our donation button:

Even if you only donate a dollar or two, that would help out a lot!
If you can't donate money but would like to help us out with the contests and would like to donate MAC pigment samples or products that would be awesome too.
If you're interested in doing that, shoot us an email at lovemac.lj@gmail.com. Thank you! :D